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Designing Your Life Today featuring Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council is all about what it really takes to achieve goals and strategies you can use to achieve yours. Whether starting with $50.00 or $5000.00 the energy to build it up to something you are excited about, can profit from and that can benefit others, comes from the same place.  It's time to tap into that energy and goal achievement power like never before.  I call this "doing life with power".  Get goal achievement strategies. Eliminate feelings powerless and start feeling powerful.  Listen and get goal achievement strategies that powers up your passion to achieve an inspired destiny.  You have a magnificent dream life to live and a wonderful purpose to serve.  Claim your power to achieve and win.  It's your time to "do life with power."      

May 27, 2016

Another way to calm or release your inner critic is by using the energy of allowing. The inner critic can cause you to resist your highest and best. This is what causes the feeling of suffering.  Whenever you resist the best life has for you, you feel suffering, because you are not thriving the way it was intended.  When allowing takes place you free yourself from the feeling of resistance and you begin to move with the flow of life.  This will cause you to fully express who you were meant to be and you will open up and feel the joy and love in you.  These energies help you to automatically propel forward.  Harmony becomes a way of life for you and you will understand what it means to have balance. Today's show explains how all of this will bring wealth and prosperity into your life and how you can win at the highest level.  Find out how allowing can be used to always bring you back to a place of harmony.  Get the answers to what living with a positive life is really about and start taking control of your destiny.  Start practicing the the art of allowing and you will be amazed at how this powerful energy can change your life.