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Designing Your Life Today featuring Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council is all about what it really takes to achieve goals and strategies you can use to achieve yours. Whether starting with $50.00 or $5000.00 the energy to build it up to something you are excited about, can profit from and that can benefit others, comes from the same place.  It's time to tap into that energy and goal achievement power like never before.  I call this "doing life with power".  Get goal achievement strategies. Eliminate feelings powerless and start feeling powerful.  Listen and get goal achievement strategies that powers up your passion to achieve an inspired destiny.  You have a magnificent dream life to live and a wonderful purpose to serve.  Claim your power to achieve and win.  It's your time to "do life with power."      

Sep 26, 2016

Goals and Confidence a Success Combination

Going Beyond SMART Goals

 Goals and confidence a success combination is all about the power of using goal-setting to boost your confidence. A natural complement to unstoppable confidence is all about being focused on achieving your goals. When you become goal-oriented and connect with your confidence you will form a combination that will help you create your dream lifestyle in a consistent and excellent manner. Having the foresight to know what you want out of life will build the confidence needed to get results. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council explains why people who don't set goals are often confused and their anger is misplaced and what can be done to change that. As a result of their confusion and misplaced anger, they have no clarity and as a result no goal achievement and very little confidence. Find out why it is important to break your goals down to the point where you create a more present moment situation. While it has been said that "a goal is a dream with a deadline", Pat explains why a goal is, in fact, "a desire with the deadline". Today's Magnificent Monday show will clearly explain how to make goals and confidence a success combination. Find out why it is essential to adopt a "do it now" attitude. Also, discover why you must go beyond simply setting SMART goals and why you want to clearly identify the outcomes that you're looking for. Pat shares the difference between outcomes and goals and why they are both very important. Also on designing your life today, get an understanding of the importance of creating a goal achievement agreement with yourself. 

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