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Designing Your Life Today featuring Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council is all about what it really takes to achieve goals and strategies you can use to achieve yours. Whether starting with $50.00 or $5000.00 the energy to build it up to something you are excited about, can profit from and that can benefit others, comes from the same place.  It's time to tap into that energy and goal achievement power like never before.  I call this "doing life with power".  Get goal achievement strategies. Eliminate feelings powerless and start feeling powerful.  Listen and get goal achievement strategies that powers up your passion to achieve an inspired destiny.  You have a magnificent dream life to live and a wonderful purpose to serve.  Claim your power to achieve and win.  It's your time to "do life with power."      

Oct 19, 2017

Let Your Unlimited Achieving Power Flow How to Finish Strong in 2017 Power Episode#360 - We can sometimes talk ourselves out of achieving our very best. When you accept that you are capable of winning you will let your achieving power flow. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council will inspire you by explaining all the reasons why you deserve to have the best life you desire. She explains that when you look be on your logical mind you will understand why you must let your unlimited achieving power flow. If you find it hard to believe that you can have anything you want, today on Designing Your Life Today you will find out why you can. With everything that's going on in society, many people feel that they don't deserve success or that wealth is unattainable. This way of thinking is far from the truth. Be inspired to open your mind and heart and start allowing your success to flow. The laws of success do not discriminate. It receives your energy and delivers to you exactly what you're releasing. As you listen to today's show you will hear some of the things that people say to themselves, that prevents them from succeeding. Consider writing down your own thoughts about success and you will be able to determine if you are letting your unlimited achieving power flow. Take control of your destiny by opening your mind to the miracles that can happen in your own life and you will discover your unlimited achieving power. Resources Reference Website Page: Exclusive Deals Book: Start Winning: How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent Book:  Choose Yourself Achiever’s Book Club: Books for Achievers Teavana: 15% off Coupon  Review our show on Google Play, iTunes or Stitcher. This will boost our ratings and help others to find our show and get the free goal achievement strategies they need to do life with power. Thank you for taking the time to give us a review. Also feel free to download any of our shows and share them with a friend, family member, or coworker. Click here. Register to receive our free newsletter, “Power Up Today“and get exclusive goal achieving strategies and win free books or text POWERUP to 42828.