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Designing Your Life Today featuring Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council is all about what it really takes to achieve goals and strategies you can use to achieve yours. Whether starting with $50.00 or $5000.00 the energy to build it up to something you are excited about, can profit from and that can benefit others, comes from the same place.  It's time to tap into that energy and goal achievement power like never before.  I call this "doing life with power".  Get goal achievement strategies. Eliminate feelings powerless and start feeling powerful.  Listen and get goal achievement strategies that powers up your passion to achieve an inspired destiny.  You have a magnificent dream life to live and a wonderful purpose to serve.  Claim your power to achieve and win.  It's your time to "do life with power."      

Jun 22, 2016

No matter what is going on in society, today you can thrive.  The news paints such a bleak picture of life, but there are still a lot of people who are thriving.  So, what does it take to thrive?  The person who embraces change is the one who thrives.  In today's show find out why the person who embraces change thrives and find out 4 things you can do about it.  Whenever we see a person who is successful and thriving no matter what the economy is doing it is because of different reasons, but one of those reasons is the most important one.  Find out what it is.  Find out what embracing change can do for your life and be inspired to stretch for more or stretch for your best.  It has become our nature to scrimp and cower down whenever, we are challenged with the unpleasantries  of life.  The truth is our true nature as human beings is to stand strong and to thrive.  When are not meant to play small, because then we are playing from a position of fear.  We have not been given a spirit of fear.  Anyone who comes from a position of fear will always go into survival mode.  When anyone goes into survival mode, they truggle with change and as a result they struggle with life.  It is not your destiny or calling to struggle through life.  You are not here to live a life of problems only.  Find what you can do to feel more empowered and thrive with consistency.

Book Mentioned:  The Power of Intentional Goal Setting.  Click here.